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We met Lut Hermans in 2011 when she came highly recommended to us by the Developmental Learning Centre in Tauranga where our daughter was receiving treatment at this time. Our daughter, then 11, had been recently diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. Our child had been struggling to access learning in the usual school setting largely due to her delayed development in various areas. Lut through Extra Lesson provided a safe, nurturing one on one environment in which to treat the various areas of weakness through Extra Lesson movement therapy. our daughter thrived and just as importantly trusted Lut. Movement therapy enabled our child to revisit areas of development that hadn’t progressed as they should have and gave her the foundation to enable her to access learning. She became more confident in herself and began to thrive. Our daughter also undertook sculpture therapy and the medium, movement of hands, tactile experience which she enjoyed and we as parents believe made a real difference.

Stephanie, 2014

“Lut Hermans and the Extra Lesson Programme were such a positive influence on our son’s life, and on our whole family. When you have a child who does not fit the mould, and for whom school is a daily struggle, it affects everyone in the household and it’s so difficult to know where and who to turn to. Lut is a kind, intelligent person who is highly trained and experienced in her profession. After an initial reluctance, our son loved visiting her each week and we had no problem with him doing his practice at home. I also found Lut a great support, happy to share her knowledge on all aspects of education and well-being. After two years, we were sad to be leaving but will always treasure the support she gave our son.”

Rachel, 2014

“Just wanted to report back on the weighted cushion. This week in class he sat during silent reading with the cushion on his lap and read 50 pages of his book. This is huge because silent reading is normally a time where he gets sent out of the class for being disruptive. He is well pleased with himself. Next week he has been chosen to go and plant trees at Battle Hill which is also huge. Despite volunteering for these kinds of things in the past the school would never let him go. I am just so happy for him that some positive things are starting to happen at school. ”

(10 year old boy , after 14 sessions)

Lisa, June 2016

“It was so valuable to have Lut working with my son. She was able to provide him with the acceptance and gentle guidance to develop in a number of important areas. He came to enjoy the Extra Lesson exercises and we had such  fun practicing these.
Through these  he became more aware of his body in space  and confident with  his movements.

He also  loved the opportunity to create and explore through art-painting and clay work. My son responded well to Lut’s caring and thoughtful approach and the safe and respectful environment she provides. As a parent I found it so valuable to have Lut to discuss my son’s  specific challenges. Her insight and suggestions were really valuable  and helpful as part of our journey. Thank you again Lut for all you did.”

(7 year old boy)

Colleen, 2018

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