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About Lut Hermans:

lut-279x300I completed my training in Occupational Therapy in Belgium in 1986, where I worked for 7 years with children and adults with intellectual and developmental challenges. From there my interest in working therapeutically with sculpture grew and in 1993 I attended Emerson College in England and undertook the 3 year training at the School of Sculpture (www.emerson.org.uk).
I moved to New Zealand in 1997, where I worked for some time as an artist while raising my daughter. The question of therapy work came up again for me and in 2008 I completed the post graduate level training as an Extra Lesson practitioner, through The Extra Lesson Institute Pty Ltd, Australia. (www.theextralesson.com)
I have since then built up a private practice at 37 Pretoria Street, Lower Hutt, New Zealand, with both disciplines: The Extra Lesson Programme and Sculpture Therapy.

You can contact me on:

Mobile: (00 64) 027 748 1093
Email: lut@imagostudio.co.nz

I am a member of the

Code of Conduct for the therapeutic work:

– Confidentiality: All information you or your child gives me is totally confidential and cannot be shared by me with anyone without your written consent. As part of my own professional development I have regular confidential meetings with my mentors where I can, if I need to, talk about my work with your child.
– Duty of care: I will do my utmost to provide you/your child with the best possible care and attention, and will provide you with regular written reports and conversations on the progress made and questions that come up while working.
– Respect for culture and difference: The underlying reason for the therapeutic work is to help people become free and true to their unique selves, respecting the different cultures, beliefs, ages or sexuality.
– Complaints: If you have any concerns about the work I deliver, please feel free to talk to me at any time. If you feel unheard, please ask for contact details of my mentor.
If concerns are in relation to the Extra Lesson Programme, you can contact the president of the Asia Pacific Extra Lesson Association: www.extralesson.com.au