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Welcome to Imago Studio.

When I started work as an occupational therapist in the Iona Institute in Belgium in 1986, I worked with adults and young people with developmental delays and challenges. Working and living with those people gave me an opportunity to meet each one of those individuals as full human beings, while learning about the challenges that they brought with them.lut-279x300

My question of how sculpture could be therapeutic, started there, which led me to do the sculpture training at Emerson College in England from 1993 till 1996. That training gave me a real understanding of the language of form and the creative process.

When I came to New Zealand in 1997, I worked for several years as an artist while raising my daughter. In 2005 I started the training to become an Extra Lesson Practitioner, which brought me back to a deeper understanding of child development, and how we can help children to reach their full potential, academically, socially and emotionally.

What child development and sculpture have in common is that both are about taking hold of, inhabiting and transforming the three dimensional world.

As a child we grow into our body, so that it becomes the home for our Self to live in, to be a 3 dimensional being, with a secure and balanced center, from which we can go out into all directions in space: front, back, left, right, above and below. A 3 dimensional home with all the senses at our disposal to learn about the world around us and relate to the people in that world. This happens mainly through movement and free play: the first lifting of the head, rolling, crawling, walking. Slowly coming from the horizontal position of lying on the floor, to the upright position that allows us to have those three dimensions at our disposal. And then lots of playing and exploring, using the whole body and all aspects of space, developing a strong balance, strength and foundations for life and learning.

With sculpture we are transforming matter to become a three dimensional form, be that a simple pinch pot or cup, or a beautiful garden ornament. In a creative way, we are working with the same 3 dimensionality and using the same senses in our body to recognise and transform those spatial orientations in a sculptural form.


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Mobile: (00 64) 027 748 1093
Email: lut@imagostudio.co.nz

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Code of Conduct for the therapeutic work:

– Confidentiality: All information you or your child gives me is totally confidential and cannot be shared by me with anyone without your written consent. As part of my own professional development I have regular confidential meetings with my mentors where I can, if I need to, talk about my work with your child.

– Duty of care: I will do my utmost to provide you/your child with the best possible care and attention, and will provide you with regular written reports and conversations on the progress made and questions that come up while working.
– Respect for culture and difference: The underlying reason for the therapeutic work is to help people become free and true to their unique selves, respecting the different cultures, beliefs, ages or sexuality.
– Complaints: If you have any concerns about the work I deliver, please feel free to talk to me at any time. If you feel unheard, please ask for contact details of my mentor.
If concerns are in relation to the Extra Lesson Programme, you can contact the president of the Asia Pacific Extra Lesson Association: www.extralesson.com.au