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Sculpture sessions with Lut have been wonderful for my 12 year old son. He used to be very much ‘in his head, constantly worrying & analysing himself’.
Movement of his hands with clay in these sessions have made an enormous positive change in him.
He is now much more relaxed and confidant.

He has created beautiful pieces of art work, each piece has its own exciting story, a journey of how it came to be. This in itself is a treasure.
Every session ended with my son saying “that was awesome!” … and I agree.
Warm Regards,



Referred to Lut with a variety of mental health complexities, I have found her to be sensitive, non-judgmental and accommodating to my needs. In addition, working with clay has been beneficial for me on multiple levels.  I found the sessions to be grounding, connective and the catalyst of many insights and reflections.
I have found Lut to be  an inspiring tutor who creates a safe environment of supportive companionship.
She  brings a broad wealth of knowledge, skills  and  instructions and allows me to choose the direction and speed of our sessions. Throughout the year  we have covered a range of techniques and sculpture styles, including small and large free flow sculpture creations, porcelain, molding, glazing  as well as more classic forms such as cups and broaches.
M., 26 years

The Art of Sculpture and Therapy