The Extra Lesson® Programme

wp1ac2fb27_06The Extra Lesson® Programme is an individualised developmental assessment and intervention programme to help children, teenagers and adults, with learning, emotional and social challenges.

Extra lesson works out of the understanding that the child’s developmental process of the first 7 years, through movement and play, forms the foundation for academic and social skills in life. The neurological pathways that we can outwardly observe in the different milestones in a child’s development, build the physical structure on which academic and emotional faculties rely.

When this development can follow the normal pattern: achieving all the milestones, integrating of primitive reflexes and midlines, etc., then learning becomes a natural faculty. When the child relates well to the three dimensional world, the world of spatial awareness and body geography, he is able to translate these orientations into the two dimensional world with the forms and directions of letters and numbers on the paper. With a good sense of balance, we have a stable reference point from which to stand in the world and start to explore it and meet the other.

If, for whatever reason, this development didn’t fully or freely happen, we may see difficulties with balance, orientation in space, sensory integration, gross and fine motor skills etc… which may result in learning and/or behavioural problems.

The Extra Lesson® programme enables the child to have a second chance at going through that development, and so catch up where it missed out on something or didn’t quite complete a certain part of the development.

What is involved?

After an initial assessment there are weekly sessions and daily home exercises, to make the changes in your child’s learning and behaviour.

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Check list

Here you can find the check list of all the areas the Extra Lesson Programme can help your child with.

How does it work? You fill the Check list in and send it to me, together with your questions and observations. I will get in touch with you to discuss if your child would benefit from the Extra Lesson Programme.

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Here you can read some testimonials of parents who’s children have gone through the programme and what they have to say.

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