Imago Natural Modelling Wax

Imago Natural Modelling Wax
Imago Natural Modelling Wax

Imago Natural Modelling Wax is made from all natural materials,
beeswax made by bees, lanolin from sheep’s wool and lime flour
(CaCO3) is what shells are made of.

It comes in boxes of 500 gr containing 30 little pieces that fit easily in a child’s hand to be warmed up to soften and played with. It is made in a neutral beige colour, its natural colour, and not dyed.  This stimulates children’s (and our own) imagination, and the wax can be turned into anything, a flower, any animal, a house, a person…. with no colour predetermining what it should become. This kind of play will stimulate the faculty of building inner pictures and imaginations. Like a piece of wood can at one time be a car, another time a dog and later part of a landscape… and, so this neutral plasticine can stimulate free play and an endless variety of imaginations when it is reused over and over again.
Because it is made with beeswax and lanolin, the modelling wax will harden when it is cold. To soften it, you can use the warmth of your hands while kneading it. If that is not warm enough, you can put it in the sun, use a warm wheat bag or put it close to a (preferably natural) source of warmth. If it gets too hot, it will melt, but don’t worry, when cooling down it will harden again.
After you have enjoyed playing with it, it may leave a film on your hands. This is the beeswax and lanolin and it will get absorbed by the skin in a little while. Washing with warm water and detergent will get it off too, but then you missed the opportunity to soften those hands.

Cost: $18/box plus postage
To order: email me at