Balance Board

A balance board is a fun way of stimulating the sense of balance, the organ for which is based in the vestibular system in the inner ear. It is connected to every single muscle in our body, telling each one of them when to tighten or loosen so that we don’t fall over, so that we can hold our head still and read, see, think, focus… even when the rest of our body is in movement.

We not only have a sense of balance while we are in movement, but also in stillness. It is this still central point that gives us a reference point from which we see the world. Concepts like left, right, front, behind, above and below, all imply a central point. It is to the left of the middle, above the middle… and if the middle isn’t a secure safe place, that can influence reading, writing, (for example recognising the difference between a p, q, d and b) maths, and also social skills, emotionally feeling secure when we meet something very different from us, and not be ‘thrown off balance’ and feel threatened.
The boards are made locally, in Upper Hutt, by a wonderful craftsman, Hartmut Kuwilski. They come with two sizes of half rounds that are easily changed with an Allan key.
Cost: $50/board plus postage
10+ boards for your school or classroom: $45/board

Orders available soon.
To order email me on: lut at

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