Artist intent:
I work with the universal gestures in form, which give expression to all that is visible in nature. I try to understand the language of form and use it to give expression to ideas and gestures.
The elements of this language of form are very simple, there are convex, concave, plane, straight line, curved line, points, grooves…  and there are an endless combination of these in all the directions and orientations in space. Each of those elements has its own character and expresses a certain quality.
I look for what is universal, that what goes beyond individual and cultural differences, but what makes each individual a variation on the theme called: humanity. In this way each individual piece is an attempt to give one aspect of the whole an expression, one that hopefully can speak to all, even if it is in a different way for each one of us, because we are all unique.
For me sculpture is an art form that I like to experience, to move it and feel it with my whole being, and not only reflect upon with the intellect.

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